Frequently asked questions.

What is Karma?

Karma exists to eradicate debt and transform the way we look at personal finances. Across the world, personal and household debt is at an all-time high and consumers are often left repaying extortionate interest rates on loans that they have received. Karma puts a stop to that. By allowing users to advance themselves up to £300 from their next pay cheque with no interest and no fees, we empower them to make positive financial choices.

How does it work?

It’s simple – when your employer signs up, all employees are eligible to be part of the Karma community. Once you are a member of the Karma community, you can use our user-friendly app to advance yourself up to £300 from your next pay cheque. No cash will ever change hands, and our partnership with some of the UK’s biggest retailers, including Tesco, ASDA, Amazon and Pizza Hut, allows Karma users to purchase whatever goods they need free from financial stress or anxiety.

Can I sign up for Karma if my employer hasn’t signed up?

Not yet, but you will be able to soon! In the meantime, please join the digital queue and be the first to get access to Karma independent of your Employer. By signing up and by referring your friends, you will climb the Karma ladder and become eligible for rewards to spend at our retail partners.

What’s the catch?

That’s the beauty of it, there isn’t one - Karma was invented to solve a societal issue. For too long, exploitation and greed have been at the forefront of lending practices. Karma seeks to reverse that trend by treating its users as equals. When you advance yourself up to £300, we give you a Karma guarantee that there will be no interest and no fees applied.

Where can I use Karma?

Currently at Tesco, ASDA, Amazon, Primark, Starbucks, Caffe Nero, Costa, GAP and many more. We will continuously add new brands to this list and this will be updated on our website [here]( Stay tuned!.

Are there limits to what I can purchase?

Karma users are free to spend their advanced payment on whatever they like – as long as it’s available to buy from one of our partners. Karma does not partner with gambling sites, including bookmakers. We exist not to limit people’s choices, but to empower them to make positive choices.

Is there a minimum amount I can be advanced?

Currently, Karma has a minimum advance of £10, and a maximum advance of £300.

How long do I have to make the repayments?

Unlike other products that will involve repayment plans or a minimum repayment per month, Karma takes care of the repayment for you. Whatever amount you choose to advance yourself, Karma will automatically recoup from your next pay cheque. This system removes the stress and anxiety often associated with repayment plans while ensuring that there are no hidden costs or fees applied.

Will Karma affect my credit score?

No, Karma will not affect your credit score. At Karma, we are committed to increasing the users’ awareness of their own financial circumstances while empowering them to make positive financial choices free from credit checks and free from extortionate interest rates.

Do I need to undergo any checks or assessments before I am eligible?

When you sign up to Karma, there will be no credit checks and no affordability assessments. At Karma, we believe in empowerment and security. When you sign up, we guarantee that your data will be secure and will never be sold to third parties.

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